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BIOCATALYSIS Opening New Paths

Industrial biotechnology (white biotechnology) offers an enormous potential for solving problems in almost all areas of life by using enzymes or whole cell systems. It has the function of an innovative motor giving decisive impetus to numerous fields of application. This sector of biotechnology owes its strength to the interdisciplinary cooperation of chemists, biologists and engineers.

The BIOCATALYSIS2021 Cluster, with more than 70 partners throughout Germany, links the unique expert knowledge of large concerns, small and medium-sized companies, academic research groups and agencies for innovation or economic development. Networking of the partners ensures that basic science is translated by the chemical, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and detergent industries into innovative products covering the entire value chain from screening to end user.

The primary goals of BIOCATALYSIS2021 are:

  • Development of new biocatalysts able to achieve novel syntheses under unusual operating conditions (such as extreme temperature, pressure, pH, salinity and solvent ranges).
  • Innovative screening technologies, more efficient production and processing technologies
  • Initiation of national and international cooperations
  • Promotion of young scientists and business start-ups