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Cluster Biopolymers/ Biomaterials

The Cluster

The Cluster Biopolymers/Biomaterials supports R&D projects which, as a result of process optimization along the entire value chain, develop innovative biomaterials at competitive prices and make them accessible for a wide market. In this context, traditional chemical processes are being increasingly optimized or replaced by the use of biotechnological methods. The development of organically based plastics in joint projects integrating research facilities and end users makes it possible to match the requirements of the target markets at an early date, thus facilitating the launching of new products in the market.

The main focus here is on the technical plastics such as polyesters and polyamides. If the separate elements of these classes of products can be successfully produced at high yield levels and in high purity by fermentation, the foundation will be laid for the production of high-tech plastics on the basis of renewable raw materials.

Cluster Biopolymers/ Biomaterials