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Cluster CIB Frankfurt

CIB is the Frankfurt Cluster for Industrial Biotechnology. The Cluster concentrates mainly on industrial (or “white”) biotechnology, with special emphasis on fine and specialty chemicals. For the realization of such projects, the Frankfurt Cluster has the support of about 80 partners from science and industry with their competences in the key technologies of enzyme catalysis, fermentation and downstream processing.

CIB Frankfurt: Hessen is one of the leading regions for industrial biotechnology in Europe. Approximately 20 percent of all German companies in this field are based in Hessen.

CIB Partnering: The main get together for the sector is the annual Congress of the CIB Frankfurt. During this Congress, ideas for new projects are presented, research results are discussed with a view to their industrial application potential, and new partners are identified – thus creating the basis for new joint R&D projects.

CIB Invest: Another central element of the Frankfurt Cluster concept is the building up of a financial and investment network for the benefit of companies and white biotechnology projects.

Cluster CIB Frankfurt