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Cluster CLIB2021

Cluster Industrial Biotechnology

CLIB2021 is a cluster with more than 70 members, mainly from industry and small and medium-sized companies. Among the members are also large concerns, academic facilities, investors and infrastructure organisations. CLIB2021 initiates and accompanies R&D in the areas of renewable raw materials, mono mers and polymers, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, body care and cosmetics; where necessary, we arrange for public funding from the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, and the EU. Since 2008, CLIB2021 has initiated R&D projects to a total volume of around 50 million euros.

Technology and Graduate Clusters ensure continuity:
CLIB2021 supports academic basic research with subject areas such as “PolyOmics”, “Biocatalysis”, “Expression” and “Downstream Processing”. Targeted support for the training of young scientists is provided by the CLIB Graduate Cluster.

International networking – the key to success:
In 2010 the first international CLIB Conference became a visible highlight. Regions with abundant renewable raw materials have a special strategic significance here for the building up of international networking.

The chemical industry builds on alternatives:
The chemical industry is aiming to achieve resourceconserving production and avoidance of CO2 emissions. CLIB2021 supports this intention through excellent networking of industry, small and medium-sized companies, and academia.

Cluster CLIB2021